Sale Off I-beam Pull up Bar / Chin up Bar - Review 2015

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You are on a mission to make yourself look more beauty and hot. There are thousands of ways you can fulfill this mission of yours but not all of them are easy and cheap. The Promountings I-beam Pull up bar is one a kind, the ideal pull up bar solution if you are looking for something to attach to an I-Beam.

I just need 20 minutes from your day. In these 20 minutes, you have to do nothing else but just pull ups. Regular use of a pull up bar makes you look more dashing, strong and handsome.

Best features

The Pull up is also one of the most effective body weight exercises for back muscles. Whenever you move your body through space, the level of neuromuscular activation is dramatically higher.

With this in mind, many workout routines now incorporate the pull up as one of the main exercises when working the upper body.

Sale Off I-beam Pull up Bar / Chin up Bar - Review 2015

There are a number of different pull up bars available today; on-the-beam and is a few of the most common. Designed to fit over and around a beam without the need for any drill holes or fixings.

Sale Off I-beam Pull up Bar / Chin up Bar - Review 2015

Installation is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes with no drilling required, simply tighten the bolts that clamp the brackets on each side of the I-beam. These bolts may be loosened and relocated in minutes. The mountings are designed to fit flush with an exposed I-Beam, meaning you can’t mount it on a finished beam. Once mounted the bar is extremely sturdy and of commercial quality.


One downside with a I-beam pull up bar is that you need a suitably sturdy and sized beam to mount the bar on.

The last, it is relatively more expensive than other pull-up bars in the market, however if you have a handy exposed beam hanging around, you won’t find a better bar than this.


Despite this being more expensive that a cheaper doorway bar, if you’re in the market for a chin up bar to go on and exposed I-Beam there is no better product.

Sale Off I-beam Pull up Bar / Chin up Bar - Review 2015

Customer reviews

"Easy to install and Solid sturdy mounting. Took all of 10 min to get it installed on the I-beam and my initial use shows it to be very sturdy and works great for my 6'1 200lb frame." Jason Panzarello said.

When it comes to assembling I-beam pull up bar than there is no need to worry about fixing its parts because detailed instruction is given with the machine. You can easily install all it parts at home just by reading the manual.

Features Summary

Supporting a maximum user weight of 350lbs, the bar measures 43 ¾” in width and 24” in depth. It features three different grip positions, wide and close on one side and neutral on the other side. It fits I-beams from 3.5” to 10”.

Bar Dimensions: 43 3/4" wide X 24" deep
Fabricated from 1-1/4" heavy wall steel tube 
Max user weight: 350lbs
Number of grip positions: 3

Sale: $139.99 + $18.50 shipping

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