Top 7 best home gym equipment for a Garage Gym

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If you're considering dropping your gym membership in order to build your own garage gym, I think that's great; you'll absolutely love the convenience of it.

You don’t like to be overwhelmed by all of the equipment in the gym or the huge morning and evening crowds. The question you should be asking is, “What should I have at my own home to improve my quality of life”? 

There are a few things that everyone should have even if you do workout at a health club, but can’t always get in due a busy work schedule, kids or overall time constraints. Here is a list of my Top 5 pieces of at home fitness equipment that is best for you!

Top 7 best home gym equipment for a Garage Gym

Try to focus on getting the right gear from the beginning so your workouts are productive right out of the gate. Always buy quality equipment – both for safety reasons and so that you’re not buying the same pieces of equipment over and over. In other words, don’t try and save a few bucks by purchasing crappy gear that will break or that you will outgrow in a matter of months.

1. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is a cardio and weight-oriented machine with anywhere from 5 to 210+ pounds of resistance and over 30 unique strength exercises. A few users we surveyed felt the machine's maximum weight was too low, but the majority found it to be suitable for their needs. Several users noted that ordering the Bowflex exercise book along with this machine provided an even wider range of beneficial home exercises and workout ideas.

Top 7 best home gym equipment for a Garage Gym

With up to 210 pounds of resistance and a Power Rod component, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym works the upper body and arms. The machine specifically targets the abs, chest, arms, shoulders, back, and lower body. Some customers who felt that the maximum weight was not quite enough suggested slowing down the arm exercises or mixing up a typical routine to achieve better results. This is a great machine for general upper body toning, but it is not ideal for those looking to add serious muscle bulk.

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym folds up for easy storage and generally suits people of most heights and sizes. At least one user noted that this home gym fits nicely into a compact space, such as a spare bedroom. Several owners praised the extensions on the sides for adding additional weights.

2. Dumbbells

Cardio is great, but it’s only one part of a weight loss program.  Ramp up your fat loss by adding weights and dumbbells for resistance and strength training.  You can buy dumbbells in a variety of weights—or save yourself time and space with adjustable dumbbells.  With adjustable dumbbells, you simply dial up a weight and pick up your dumbbells; makes switching exercises extremely easy.

3. Weight Bench

While not usually a priority for Crossfit, you should pick up a weight bench at some point. There are numerous things you can do with a bench especially if you own a power rack; bench press comes to mind here. There are also ab workouts that can be done, skull crushers, dumbbell rows, pull overs, seated shoulder press, and the list goes on.

Most people won’t really need an adjustable bench, so a flat utility bench should be fine. I personally dropped some decent money on an adjustable incline because I enjoy the incline bench press and I wanted to be able to do heavy seated shoulder presses in my rack. It’s just a matter of preference.

4. Kettlebells 

Kettlebells are a big part of Crossfit. You’re going to want at least a small selection of kettlebells for your gym so you can swing, snatch, and clean. A full set of kettles can be expensive, but you shouldn’t need too many at first. Pick up a couple kettles that you’re comfortable with and then add more as you get stronger.

A couple things to look for when picking out kettlebells would be to make sure they aren’t coated with an epoxy (they’ll flake and chip) and to make sure there is no molding or casting seam on the handle. Some cheaper kettles have this seam on the underside of the handle and it will destroy your hands. Additionally, some have larger handle openings than others so if you are a big guy, take that into consideration as well.

5. Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar via Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a workout compliment that offers more stability, check out this wall mounted pull up tool. It is engineered with an ultra stable mounting plates. Compared to doorway models, this model is great if portability is not an issue for you.
Top 7 best home gym equipment for a Garage Gym
There are 3 basic modes in this bar, with wide grip, close grip and parallel grip. These extra grip styles allow you to scale your resistance as you improve. It stands at an industry leading 13″ off the wall, and the steel mounting brackets have a 30% increased thickness with larger diameter bolts.

6. York 5' Standard Chrome Spin-lock Bar 

When it comes to weight training, barbells are easily the most popular choice amongst fitness enthusiasts as they offer far more versatility than fixed-weight machines. Now thanks fitness giants York 5' Standard Chrome Spin-lock Bar it’s possible to add even more excitement and variety to your weight training program. Already receiving loads of positive feedback this barbell offers superb value for money.

This beautifully crafted chrome-plated, solid steel bar offers a knurled grip for added comfort and support. Two fixed chrome-plated spinlock collars ensure the discs remain firmly secured to the bar so you can train in complete confidence. A rubber grommet protects the weight plates and prevents them from spinning. Fitted for “Standard” weights, which have a 1-inch diameter hole, this barbell can take hammertone or rubber weight plates. Please make sure you order the correct the gauge.


7. Tesla New Men’s Compression Under Base Layer Gear Armour Wear

Starting off the list at number ten is the Tesla New Men’s Compression Under Base Layer Gear Armour Wear. This top quality compression shirt is greatly known for its ultra light and comfortable fit qualities. It fits so perfectly well on any standard body size, just like a second skin. Moreover, this compression shirt also comes with a moisture sensing and two-way air circulation features that let the users feel very comfortable and relaxed.

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