Top 10 Cheap Pull Up, Chin Up Bars For Home Fitness Reviews 2015

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If you are concerned about your health and want to do physical exercises at your home instead of going to gym then you should buy a workout or pull-up bar for you. A pull-up bar can give you a stronger body without having to actually spend time in a gym! 

These bars are easy to find, but there are a lot of different options out there. Below you will find the best pull-up bars that you might want to consider purchasing.

Top 10 Cheap Pull Up, Chin Up Bars For Home Fitness Reviews 2015

1. Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Bar

If you’re looking for a mounted solution for areas without much space around walls, this one from Ultimate Body Press will perform well. It mounts to joists 16 inches or 24 inches measured from the center. The high density foam grips gives it more comfortable grips for hardcore workouts of any type. It features 3 dedicated grip positions for regular, wide, close and parallel grips. The parallel grip is 20 inches apart and the riser is 14 inches high.

2. Joist Mount Chin Up Bar

Although people can use the Joist Mount Chin up bar in various environments, this 48 inch bar is suitable for it is best for those who have unused basements or garages. Even though the Joist Mount bar is heavy (around 16 pounds) and tilts around 30 degrees downwards, its long parallel bars (around 46 inches wide) gives its greater strength and stability. It can support a lot of weight and has cushions that enhance grip and comfort.

3. Pure Fitness Multi Purpose Workout Bar

This workout bar available in Blue/Black color fits in most of the door frames to allow you do push-ups, pull-ups, hanging crunches, sit-ups and various other exercises. It can hold up to 250 pounds weight.

4. Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

It is one of the best products from Titan Fitness. There are some great features that are added to this powerful pull-up bar. It can be mounted on wood or concrete wall easily. You can also adjust the height for this device easily. The bar is about 52 inches length, in order to provide comfortable experience for all users.

5. Perfect Multi-Gym

The Perfect Multi-Gym is another door mounted pull up bar, and it comes at a very reasonable price. Despite its 4.1 star rating on Amazon we decided to feature it towards the end of the list simply because it does not look as good as the others. It was obviously designed to stand out from the crowd but we feel that they managed to make it look more like a piece of furniture than a sports equipment with purpose. However, there are definitely going to be people among our readers who are going to like this look and we can guarantee that the quality is as excellent as in all of the other products.

6. I-Beam Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar

Are you looking for a flexible yet easy to use pull up or chin up bar that you can assemble in minutes at home? PROmounting I-Beam pull up/chin up bar is major contender that you should consider. For around 160 dollars you get a sturdy product that will stand the rest of time. Its three grip positions wide, close, and neutral, can also come in handy for individuals who like to diversify their exercise routines. More review here.

7. The Definity HHP-001

This is a pair of pull up bars that can be purchased for the affordable price of just $8.68 – the bars come with chrome plated push up holders, it comes with covered handles for extra comfort and it also contains slip resistant foam. Also, the Definity HHp-001 comes with hard rubber footpads that add to its stability – the pull up bar is designed to improve your position and to help you train your upper body in a fast, pleasant and efficient way. Also, the bar helps you train your back, shoulder and chest muscles.

8. Wall Mounted Multi Grip Chin Pull up Bar 48" long

This Wall Mounted Multi Grip Chin Pull up Bar is a top-quality and professional product for you. It is specially engineered to allow you to build a perfect upper body within a short period of time. It is also very easy to set up and operate this pull-up bar. Made of high-quality material, this pull-bar can actually help you exercise in your place effectively and conveniently. It will bring a fashionable way to get yourself trained and fit at home without a single difficulty. If you are really serious about building strengths in your arms, chest and other parts of the body, this pull-up bar is more than just a real choice for you; it is your real companion.

9. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL Pull Up Bar

The Wall Mount XL pull up bar is a great piece of fitness equipment that received excellent feedback and ratings from many customers. It is an expensive solution for exercising the upper body muscles at home. With its white power coat finish, it keeps a nice look in your home gym. It can support 350 lbs thanks its sturdy steel construction. The 48 inch wide on-center universal white along with the 1.25 inch grip bar with texture lend this item more comfortable for home use. A great inexpensive pull up bar to tone your up body muscles.

10. Perfect Basic Pullup

The Perfect Basic Pullup is a great workout accessory. If you are on a tight budget, this is a great product to consider. It provides good value for the money. To work out your upper body muscles, this is a very cheap pull up bar that is still effective. With a lightweight build, this item is also easy to install. The adjustable swing arm system that this bar supports is great if you want to do Australian pull ups along with traditional pull ups and standing rows.

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