Top 5 best door frame pull up bar reviews of 2015

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Achieve that leaner body by engaging yourself in a gym workout in the comfort of your home. Hundreds and even thousands of exercise equipments in the market are targeted for space-friendly use. 

You cannot only manage or decide for your own time, but above all you can monopolize the use of your equipments.
Top 5 best door frame pull up bar reviews of 2015
Here is a special listing for some of the most affordable and door frame pull up bars that are made easy to install for your convenience.

1. GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station

This patent-pending design finally provides the user with what is missing from every doorway chin-up/pull-up bar …clearance and freedom! The design of the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station raises you an additional 8” above the height of normal bars.

The unit has 3 foam hand grip locations and padded tubing where the unit contacts the door frame. The Pull Up Station can be used for chin ups and pull ups in several hand positions at two elevations, as well as sit ups, pushups and dips when mounted low or placed on the floor. Abdominal straps are sold separately and are great for working your abs and oblique's. Ab Strap eyebolts are included with the ECS and are easy to install.


Maximum weight limit of up to 300 lbs.
Workout Options: Chin Up (Reverse Grip), Pull Up (Overhand Grip), Three Pull Up/Chin Up Grip Positions.

2. GoFit Chin Up Bar

Top 5 best door frame pull up bar reviews of 2015
The GoFit chin up bar is telescopic and hence adjustable in length, it fits in door widths of 28” to 36” or across narrow passage ways.  The bar is well suited for chin-ups and pull ups and as it comes with multiple mounting brackets can also be mounted lower down to offer support for sit ups or dips. Open of the cheapest chin up bars available and comes with two sets of mounting brackets so it can be used at multiple heights.
Top 5 best door frame pull up bar reviews of 2015All you have to do is put it in place in your doorway and you will be able to do as much pull-ups and chin-ups that you would like!


Maximum weight limit of up to 250lbs
In addition to chin-ups, the Chin Up Bar can also be used as a foot anchor for sit-ups and crunches.

3. CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar 

Top 5 best door frame pull up bar reviews of 2015
CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar  using the same 11-gauge steel as our full-scale rigs and racks, the versatile Rogue P-3 Pull-Up System is a single, compact unit designed for ceiling mounts (for a ceiling height of 8 to 9’6” feet) or wall mounts. Once anchored securely to concrete or wood studs, the CFF gives you the option of a bar position at either 14” or 22” from the wall/ceiling.

A great pull up bar for your home, the CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar is a smart buy for anyone looking for one which can be easily installed or mounted on your ceiling or wall for a challenging workout. In just a couple of minutes, you can now perform pull ups, kipping, ring dips, and MMA training.

4. Stud Bar Pull Up Bar

Top 5 best door frame pull up bar reviews of 2015
If the standard issue doorway pull up bar isn't enough for your fitness program then consider the Stud Bar pull up bar also know as chin up bar. Your pull up should be made from welded 14 gauge powder coated steel designed and built to hang in a commercial gym and be overbuilt for your garage gym. So it  can support any user up to 600 pounds

Stud bar is available in sizes you can choose. The small bar suits 8-foot ceilings and may be hang 10” to 14” below ceiling. Meanwhile, the standard bar is for 9-foot ceiling or wall and may be hang 14” to 22” below ceiling. Lastly, the large bar fits 10-foot ceiling to hang 31” to 39” below it.  Plus you can enjoy the benefits of this Stud Bar with its lifetime warranty. Mount this stud bar on your wall or ceiling and you’re ready to go.

5. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is, just as the name says so, your own gym rolled into one simple apparatus. You would think that it is built only for pull-ups or chin-ups, but it offers more than that. It also facilitates proper dips, sit-ups, and even push-ups, hence providing a nearly complete array of workout exercises.
Top 5 best door frame pull up bar reviews of 2015
Top 5 best door frame pull up bar reviews of 2015
Compared to other models of the same type of exercise equipment, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro, White, is quite sturdy and steady. It does hold up to 300 lbs, and quite well, I might say. One big differentiator is the way the door frame guards were designed – with compressible, heavy-duty foam. It’s so durable that your door may be the first to give in, instead of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro.

Train like a pro to strengthen or build muscles through the three different kinds of pull ups that are supported by this equipment. This pull up bar involves a total upper body workout.

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