Abdominal Trainers: Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review

If you've been looking around for the best ab machine or for less costly ab exercise equipment, you've probably come across Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro wheel.

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro takes an ab exercise that is widely regarded as effective and puts a product behind it. It is supposed to give you a lean and toned midsection.

At first glance, the Ab Carver Pro looks a lot like your average ab wheel. In truth, however, it has quite a few distinctions. Even though it works on the same principle of the ab wheel of applying resistance, the manufacturers have made some significant modifications. The ab wheels we use in our workouts are great, but they also place pressure on one's lower back.

Abdominal Trainers: Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review
Regular ab wheels are, well, they're just a wheel with handles sticking out the sides! They wobble and if they are really cheap, they won’t be smooth, are difficult to grip and may break after very little use. The grips are designed to fit nicely in your hand, which cuts down on the amount of strain on other muscles, and makes you feel more secure and confident while performing the exercise.

Ab gadget has a kinetic engine, which accentuates the workouts by adding spring-loaded resistance and support that is lacking when you try to do these unassisted. It means that as you extend outward it provides resistance, which engages your core, and on the way back up it provides assistance so you don't throw your back out.

Abdominal Trainers: Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review

You'll be able to work out the oblique muscles because it lets you slant to the right and left, activating the muscles on the side of the body. 

Most of the regular ab wheels are very cheaply made from plastic – so don't count on them lasting for long. Plus many of them lack a wheel surface that works well on almost any surface like the ab carver does.
Abdominal Trainers: Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review
The knee pads in the Ab Carver are a generally good addition to the package. They provide a comfort to your workout plan. However, this is not as significant, as they could easily be substituted for a small blanket or yoga mat.

For a lot of people who used the ab wheel, the pressure or stress on their back was a major concern. Because of the narrow wheel and simple handle, the back and shoulders were subjected to immense pressure. With an Ab Carver Pro, the wide wheel and customized handles take off the pressure, hence resolving this concern. So yes, your abdominal is under pressure, but not in a harmful way.

Usage Tips to Get the Best Results

If you’re just getting into working out your abs, you’ll need to start gradually. To prevent strains, warm up for 5-10 minutes doing some light movements (ie. walking on the spot and move your arms). It’s really important to warm up to avoid injury, so don’t skip that vital step!

For the first 2-3 months, perform the roll in and roll out movement slowly and focus on the movement. Going too fast could cause ab carver pro strains and it really doesn’t improve your workout. By going slower you will benefit from negative resistance. 

Over time you will gain strength and you’ll be able to control the movement better. Once you reach that point, you can increase the number of repetitions. 

Consumer Reviews & Ratings

3,346 consumers reviews, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5!

Over 3,000 consumers cannot be wrong about the Ab Carver Pro, they say that this exercise machine is a fundamental part of their workout routine!

Click here to read the consumer reviews full details…

This fitness gadget is for you if you want to work out your abs safely, more effectively and using just a small amount of space at home. It’s suitable for both women or men willing to workout and finally achieve strong, toned, sexy abs.

Final Ab Carver Review

We’re giving the Ab Carver Pro our Thumbs Up rating, because this is a company with a track record or providing quality equipment at reasonable prices. We’ve seen knockoffs go for less but then they end up breaking down or not working as good as you expect them to. With the positive feedback it’s received, and the fact that it doesn’t include a lot of moving parts, just an internal spring, you can expect it to work as advertised.

Our Recommendation

This makes a nice addition to any home gym, and it’s easy to store away when not in use. Your abs are a muscle group you can work every day, and core work not only makes you midsection look tighter, it helps with things like balance and overall stability. It’s nice that you don’t have to do crunches and sit-ups, and can still get a solid core. With the included knee pads you won’t get calluses on your knees and this is a good all around package.

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