Camping Tent: Sundome 3 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options) Review

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Easy to set-up Coleman Sundome Tent is a combination of sleek looks, convenience and user-friendly features. The 8ft X 7ft base is used for 4 people and is well-ventilated to allow maximum of fresh air and sunshine while keeping away bugs and mosquitoes.

The hooded door and rear window let you maintain cross-ventilation even while it rains. It provides all the convenient features like large door, mesh pockets for storage, a hook to hang your lamp at the centre of the roof, and of course high quality coated polyester body with sturdy fibreglass frame makes it perfect for camping in the midst of high speed winds and rain.

Camping Tent: Sundome 3 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options) Review

This product is perfect for?

If you haven’t camped since the time of your school days and do not have much experience in erecting tents, then Coleman Sundome Tent will be perfect for you as it has worked very well with the first timers. Easy to set-up with the shock-corded fiberglass frame and the freestanding design of this tent offer plenty of room for a group of 2-3 people to store their gears .

This tent has been known to stand hours of rain and wind successfully. This is because the wall and fly fabric made of polyester along with a 450 mm thick coating which guards Coleman Sundome Tent from heavy rainfall. Moreover, the strong 1000D polyethylene floor which is similar to bathtub that wraps on the sides, with its factory sealed (welded) seams provides complete protection against water seepage.

Camping Tent: Sundome 3 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options) Review

This product can be a great camping option for summers when you intend to go on camping trips and don’t expect temperatures to go bit too low.


  • Large D-shaped door facilitates entry and exit especially when you have to carry your gears and equipment.
  • 2 large mesh storage pockets in the interior of the tent to store things you want to keep handy
  • In order to provide protection from rain both the door and window have been provided with hooded flies.
  • The hooded window and door ensure cross ventilation. There is a vent on the ground and mesh vents on the roof, which lets in plenty of air, sunshine and prevents the interior from becoming stuffy and uncomfortable.
  • The bathtub style 1000D polyethylene floor which is sealed on the sides has been provided to face heavy rainfall to prevent water entering the tent.
  • Premium quality polyester fabrics on the fly and walls have a 250mm coating which ensures that water does not seep in through the walls.
  • Freestanding design shock-corded fiberglass frame of this tent makes it easy to set up and take down the tent quickly. Pin and ring pole system also help in erecting the tent fast.
  • The electrical access port allows you to run AC power which is an added advantage.
  • If you expect strong winds don’t worry as the external guy points provide stability to this tent.
  • It comes with carry sacks and stakes.
  • The zippers are nice and smooth and do their job well when pulled up to keep out rainwater.
  • This tent is made of fire retardant material.


  • Heavy rainfall of more than 1.5 inches can cause seepage near the floor, especially if there is water logging for a long time in your camping area.
  • The large meshed vents under the rain fly cannot be closed and this tent is pretty airy, which makes it suitable only for summers.
  • If you have plenty of gear and equipment then this tent would be comfortable for 2 people.

Experience when using Coleman SunDome Tent

Light and easy to set-up, this tent is spacious and airy while it protects you from bugs in the wild. It does pretty well even in the midst of strong winds and heavy rainfall, not to mention the pleasant summer nights when you can enjoy a good sleep in this tent.

You can get cool breeze in your tent even when it pours because of the hooded rainfly on the window. The electric port allows you to uses AC current and using rechargeable electric gadgets like camera, GPRS systems, mobile phones, LED lamps, etc. is not a problem

Camping Tent: Sundome 3 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options) Review

It can be rolled into small packages which is why it is extremely easy to carry this tent anywhere during camping.


The Coleman SunDome Tent has a base area of 8’x7’and can fit in a large queen size mattress.
Expect full protection from rain with the polyester fly which is meant to bear extremes of weather and doesn’t stretch even when it is wet for long hours.
Electrical Access Port allows using AC power and so you can charge your mobile and camera batteries and also use an electric lamp.
The tent is high enough to allow you use a chair, which means you do not have to sit on the floor all the time.
A hook is provided at the top centre of the tent which allows you to hang an LED light or electric lantern
There is an opening in the tent so that you can use an extension wire if you are using electricity.
It can be folded into the size of paper towels wrapped into two rolls arranged on one top of the other.
Comes with an attached mat which should be placed in front of door, this will help you to keep the tent clean.

Tips for maintenance and use

Always follow the instructions to erect and pack this tent back as this will help you to save time and allow hassle free usage.
If you are expecting heavy rain you can apply some extra sealer at the seams near the floor and the walls.


Coleman SunDome Tent has been designed to enable ease of use and withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall and strong winds. It is airy and spacious and makes a perfect a shelter for summer camping. Durable and strong this tent can be easily carried from place to place. It is a perfect option for people who want to travel light and yet have the best camping option.

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