Strength Training Equipment: Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout Review

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Every Woman needs Exercise to stay fit. And what more about Pregnant Women? You will need to exercise to come back to shape and Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout is the best solution for Mom who want to stay at the comfort of their home to exercise.

The Wonder Core Smart Total Core is the workout equipment that makes use of a revolutionary technology to train your core and abdominal muscles.
Strength Training Equipment: Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout Review
The product manufacturers claim that the 8-in-1 workout machine is suited for both beginners as well as pros.The resistance springs allows one to perform8 different workouts in addition to cardio.

It enables full 180 degree range of motion, thereby helping one isolate and train most troublesome abdominal muscles to give the body rock solid abs.
Suitable for whom

Strength Training Equipment: Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout Review

This product is ideal for those individuals who are looking to lose a few inches around their midsection. This equipment will enable them to reach their goal faster. The product has 30 days trial offer with a low initial price.
The Good

The 3 levels of resistance and ergonomic structure enable one to make the most of one’s effort because it works in both directions on every rep.

It fires the muscle all throughout the reps so there is no time wasted. Basically, the dual resistance doubles the efficiency of the training.

Do not get fooled by the compact size. The compact size equipment can target many muscle groups such as upper, lower and middle abs along with biceps, triceps, glutes, thighs, forearms, calves and obligues.

It’s suitable for one and all at any fitness level. The equipment comes with a nutritional guide that can increase the effectiveness of the workout.

Moreover, a workout dvd is also a part of the sale which allows one to focus specially on their abs while losing fat at the same time.

Strength Training Equipment: Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout Review

Instruction manual is provided. As such, no assembly is required for this equipment. Unlike other similar products in the market, Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout has comfortable seating position for the head and neck.

The compact size makes it easy to store. It can also be easily carried during a travel trip. Moreover, the makers of the product back the equipment with a 3 year warranty.
The Bad

The equipment is not suitable for extremely obese individuals. It’s designed to accommodate up to 120 kgs and no more.

Full 3 year warranty is applicable only for one-time payment plan.

Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout Video

Does the product really work?

Wonder Core Smart works best only when combined with good diet. As such, individual results may vary but to make the most of this workout machine, it’s imperative to follow a proper diet program.

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