Best Buy: Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review 2015

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The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is a multi-station workout equipment, suitable for both lower and upper body workouts. 

Its height adjustable bars and ability to support up to 250 pounds makes the PT600 a suitable accessory for individuals of various cadres. 

This is where the free stranding pull up and dip station has really come into it's own, allowing you to perform these fundamental exercises in a shed, garage, in the spare room, or outside.

Best Buy: Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review 2015
Once assembled in your home or office environment, you can do pull-ups and chin-ups to improve your strength and use its leg raise station to tone your lower abdominal muscles and quads. Pull ups, chin ups, muscle ups, dips, bent knee and straight leg raises, and there is a pair of press up station at the bottom too that can double up as foot grips for the shorter pull up enthusiast.

The Good

The Body Vision tower offers a wide range of exercises that target the upper and lower body. The multi-grip chin and pull-up bar allows for a good upper body workout that targets the back and triceps. Additionally, the dip station part of the tower permits a leg raise option to workout the quads and abdominals while a simple pull up bar doesn't have this option. 

The grips on the bar are height adjustable and may also be used as push up bars. The tower also offers pads on the back for comfort during workouts. It's generally sturdy and stable, provided that users weigh a maximum of 250 pounds, and there is little risk of it falling off or breaking.
Best Buy: Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review 2015

It weighs 64 pounds and has the dimensions of 42 x 43 x 85 inches, so it won't take up too much space.

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is quite easy to assemble and requires simple tools to put together the frame and other parts. You can assemble the PT600 in under an hour, without encountering problems usually brought about by complicated instructions.

Finally, it's quite an affordable choice and a good value for the money for those who want to do some strength exercises at home.

The bad

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is a great multi-station apparatus; however, you might encounter some problems performing dips, especially if you are tall. You shall have to bow your head really low to avoid hitting the pull-up bar. Some users suggest to face away from the pull-up bar, to be able to address this issue.

One of the possible deal breakers to the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is that it does tend to get wobbly. For instance, some have reported that the rods shook while they did pulls ups, and most of these complaints came from people who weighed over 250 pounds.

Finally, some users have complained that the arm bars are a bit too far apart for comfort.

Customer Reviews

With its simple design and range of exercise options, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower has proved incredibly popular with people using online marketplaces.

Before committing to buying any new piece of fitness equipment, we would always recommend reading through as many of the customer reviews as possible.
Best Buy: Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review 2015

This not only helps to give you a clearer idea of any minor issues, but can also give you the confidence that your decision to buy is the right one.

With hundreds of Body Vision Power Tower reviews published online to date, it has excellent feedback and a very high custumer satisfactio rate. They are very happy with their purchase, saying they find the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower to be solid and great value for money. Most also agree that it provides a very effective workout and it is easy to assemble.

"As is apparent in the picture of the tower....

The tower is 3 feet / 8 inches side to side at its widest point, from the front tip of the left base (which flares left) to the front tip of the right base (which flares right). The tower is 3 feet / 6 inches from the back of the bases coming out perpendicular to a line that would run between the two front tips. It fits easily in a corner for me and provides a wealth of exercises -- probably the best buy in fitness equipment I ever made." - By R Anderson said.

Click here to read the consumer reviews full details…

Product Features

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower has multiple stations to be used for exercising both lower and upper portions of the body:

  • It has a knee and leg raise station for you to work on your lower body and abs.
  • A chin-up and pull-up station helps you develop your upper body and core muscles.
  • A dip station helps you work on building and strengthening the muscles on your chest and triceps.
  • Its foot grips are slip-resistant, and may be used as push-up bars.
  • Arm and back rests are padded to provide protective cushioning while working out.
  • The PT600’s frame was designed to be height-adjustable.
  • It has a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Best Buy: Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review 2015

The Verdict

Customers seem to love this power station. I found very little negative feedback on it, people have bought the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower for their P90X training program, and also for the very popular ‘You Are Your Own Gym’ exercise program from Mark Lauren.

If you are looking for a sturdy, well designed, low cost power station to help you get into the best shape of your life, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower could be just the tool for you.

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