Reviews: Goplus Weight Lifting Bench Workout Home Exercise w/Bar

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Our new Multifunctional Weight Lifting Bench is ideal for workout and exercise at home or outside.It features three adjustable backrest incline angles for various exercise strength.

This Weight Lifting Bench available now for you to invest in your total body workouts and if you buy one of these benches, you could not feel be any happier.
Reviews: Goplus Weight Lifting Bench Workout Home Exercise w/Bar
There are plenty of exercises you can do on a weight bench to target various upper body muscles but more importantly the chest muscles (Pectorals). The chest is the primary foundation to building other upper body muscles and you can't build muscle if the foundation is weak!

The amount of money you would spend on an average gym membership in a year you could buy a weight bench with weights, and the equipment will still have resale value after a year of using them. And You can be freedom to train from home whenever you want.


Reviews: Goplus Weight Lifting Bench Workout Home Exercise w/Bar Strength training at home or outside and includes a solid barbell and free weights and as a multifunctional unit it can be used for different types of barbell and dumbbell exercises conveniently.
It even has a detachable knee bracket that lets you also do foot workouts as well.
The high density foam padding is perfectly designed to allow your body to comfortably sink in while minimizing pressure. This greatly lessens user fatigue and provides a more comfortable platform on which to perform your workouts.

GoPlus weight lifting bench is made of tubular steel material (solid frame and structure mean durability and stability and peace of mind during the exercise).You can load a maximum of 150 pounds of weights on the barbell and the bench can carry a total weight of 300 pounds.

 It is quite easy to do assemble too.

Reviews: Goplus Weight Lifting Bench Workout Home Exercise w/Bar Cons

I am yet to come across any fitness equipment one can use at home without a few unsatisfied customers. Limited to where you can place the weight bench, you can’t have the power rack against the wall as this will prevent access to the power rack.
The biggest complaint is the weight limitation of 300 pounds. Goplus® Weight Lifting Bench is ideal for beginning and intermediate workouts, so if your goal is to compete in an Olympic weight-lifting competition, this is not the right tool to use.

Customer reviews

This Home Gym Equiment scores 5 star on Amazon at the time of writing, and is rated for its superb strength and stability, even with larger people and heavy weights.

"Strong metal parts (so far)- fast shipping- light to move around your roomCons:-Missing a couple of washers-corner of head rest was ripped just a little (I just tape it so no big deal for me)- In the middle of putting the machine together I found one section of the metal piece bend in (but I just pop it out with a hammer so it's all good)Ps. It's a 2 mans job to put together the machine."
"I bought the Goplus® Weight Lifting Bench about 1 years ago, and it immediately made a world of difference. I have been very happy with my purchase, and if I had to go back in time to when I was buying it, I wouldn’t change my decision…"


  • Brand new and high quality; Ideal for a variety of barbell and dumbbell exercises
  • Multiple flat, incline adjustments for a well-rounded chest workout;Removable Knee Bracket for comfortable foot workout
  • Overall Size: 61” x 55” x 50” (L x W x H);Pad thickness: 1.6 inch;Pole thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Bench Max Load: 300 lbs;Bar Max Load: 150 lbs;Unit weight: 59 lbs
  • Package includes:1 x weight bench (one barbell rod w/ two nuts included), 1 x Bar

1.The dumbbells are excluded. 
2.The Bench needs to be assembled.(All instructions & fittings included) 
3.The weight capacity of the bar is 150 Lbs.

Goplus® Weight Lifting Bench Fitness Body Workout Home Exercise w/Bar is definitely worth the money, with the easily accessible power rack being a massive plus. This weight bench allows you to work most muscle groups, if this didn't have the power rack feature.

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