Cheap Cost Valor Fitness CHIN-UP Pro Style Mount Pull Up Bar Review

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I am here with a very cheap yet efficient means of enhancing your beauty by making your body fit and toned up. I just need 20 minutes from your day with Valor Fitness CHN-UP Pro Style Mount Chin Up Bar.

You are on a mission to make yourself look more beauty and hot? Are you looking for a versatile wall mounted pull up rig?  Pull-ups/ Chin Up are one of the best exercises for the back and shoulders. It may seem old fashioned, but it is a tough exercise that is a great addition to any workout routine.

Cheap Cost Valor Fitness CHIN-UP Pro Style Mount Pull Up Bar Review

Chin up bars are fantastically versatile, and there are literally dozens of exercises that can be performed on one.  The chin up and pull up, in themselves are great for building core and functional strength; but there are plenty of other ab and core exercises designed to directly work the midsection; that can be performed whilst hanging from a bar.


Easy to Install: The first and foremost benefit of this bar is that you can easily install it anywhere in your home.

Made of Steel: Ultimate body press wall mounted pull up bar is made of gauge steel which means that even heavy weighted people can also use it without fearing about it breakage.

Cheap Cost Valor Fitness CHIN-UP Pro Style Mount Pull Up Bar Review
Greater Capacity: It can bear the weight up to 600 pounds which means that even obese people can use it for achieving and then maintaining their physical fitness.

Do Variety of Workouts: You can perform a variety of upper body workouts using this pull up bar as it allows you to have different positions such as wide grip, hammer grip etc.

Great for Upper Body: You can tone your back, chest, biceps, arms, shoulders etc. by performing pull ups for just 15 to 20 minutes on this bar every day.


It can be a bit pricey, typically around $130, if not purchased during a sale where you can get it for nearly half that.

Some have found installation a tad more difficult compared to other bars, describing the instructions as not being detailed enough.

Customer Review

"This is a GREAT pull up bar, and am very happy with it. Very strong, built like a tank, and highly functional with the multiple hand positions. The rig is bigger then I expected, so make sure you have enough room to mount." -  McChatty reviewed.
Cheap Cost Valor Fitness CHIN-UP Pro Style Mount Pull Up Bar Review

Cheap Cost Valor Fitness CHIN-UP Pro Style Mount Pull Up Bar Review
"Amazing. I have a CrossFit style home gym and this chin up bar rounded out my equipment quite nicely. It is built like a tank and will take any abuse you can throw at it (granted it is mounted securely). Speaking of mounting, it is important to not that the bar should be assembled loosely, mounted, and then tightened so that the mounting arms will line up with your studs (if mounting to studs). I mounted mine on two horizontal lengths of 2 by 6's which were in turn mounted to several studs. Overkill? Absolutely. Worth it? You betcha." - Wayne Reviewed

"This thing is incredible! You could hang a freakin' tank from it! I absolutely love it. It was far more rugged and heavy duty than I expected. All of the different hand grip options provide opportunities for a ton of different work outs, and they're great for hanging rings, ropes and bands from. If you bought a second one and mounted it upside down it could also make a great rack for step-ups, medicine ball, Kettlebell & maybe even dumbbell storage!Get One! It's well worth the money!"


  • Multi grip hand positioning
Wide-Grip Chin-Up
Neutral / Parallel-Grip Chin-Up
Reverse Grip Pull-Up
Semi-Supinated Pull-Up
  • Black texture powder coated
  • 2" x 2" frame tubing
  • 1 ¼” inch diameter hand grips
  • Maximum weight rating: 600 lbs.
  • Dynabolts included
  • 5 Year Warranty under normal use - Warranty does not cover damage caused by exposure to elements (rust, etc.)


  • Assembled Dimensions: 50" W x 30" D x 25" H
  • Wall bracket mounting holes are spaced 48" apart
  • Clearance off the wall 31”, measuring from the wall to the front edge of the chin-up bar
  • Shipping Dimensions: 49”L x 12” W x 6”H
  • Shipping Weight: 39 lbs.

The best pull up bar is the one that fits your life and home gym situation. That said, getting a chin up bar / pull up bar isn't going to immediately turn you into a sculpted god. Pull ups are one of the best exercises you can do for your upper body fitness, but you have to DO THEM. So get a pull up bar that you can install in a place where you're going to see it and be compelled to use it. It definitely help you achieve your fitness goals

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