World’s Hottest Math Teacher Pietro Boselli Models Underwear

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Pietro Boselli - 'The world's hottest math teacher' who also gets serious work as a professional male model.

Never has the phrase “mathematical model” had such a delicious double meaning than in the case of Pietro Boselli, the Italian model and engineering lecturer whose academic specialism is mathematical modelling.

Boselli, aged 27, was branded the “world’s sexiest maths teacher” earlier this year by newspapers and magazines around the world after one of his students at University College London posted on social media that he was also a successful model, and the post went viral.

Since then Boselli – a mechanical engineering PhD who taught maths to engineering students – has been hugely in demand, leading a campaign for designer underwear and posing for the cover of Attitude.He has more than half a million Instagram followers.

The fashion model was discovered at the age of six by renowned designer Giorgio Armani who saw potential and said he should be a model.

In an interview with F Tape he said he would be concentrating on 'engineering, teaching maths and personal training' if he was not modelling.

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