Top 10 Bring-Anywhere Camping Chairs for the Park, Beach and Campsite

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Whether you’re heading to a festival or on a family camping trip this summer, we’ve found a range of chairs to add a bit of comfort to proceedings. Flimsy camping chairs are a dime a dozen at big box stores.

Made from low-quality alloys and substandard fabrics, store-brand chairs often have trouble lasting the season and collapse if you look at them wrong.

Top 10 Bring-Anywhere Camping Chairs for the Park, Beach and Campsite

A good camping chair, on the other hand, becomes a trusted companion. It goes with you not only to the campsite, but to the beach, the park, outdoor concerts, barbecues and picnics. It’s ready for you after a long day of work when you want to sit on your patio and watch the sunset, beverage in hand. It’s perfect for lounging around the campfire after an epic day on the trails.

There are many ways you can make fun with a camping chair and table. Here we have enlisted top 10 best camping chairs in 2016 reviews. These are special family products that can surely give you good results.

1. TravelChair Easy Chair

Top 10 Bring-Anywhere Camping Chairs for the Park, Beach and Campsite

An updated version of TravelChair’s longtime bestseller, this chair is a durable version of those cheap store-brand camping chairs you have to replace every year. Its wide feet means it won’t wobble so much on uneven surfaces, and it’s a breeze to set up. At 9 pounds, it’s not exactly light, but chances are you’re not going to be taking it anywhere without the help of a car, and for the trip from the parking lot there’s a carry bag with strap. Weight capacity is officially 300 pounds, although the manufacturer claims it can hold up to 1,000 pounds—not that you’d want to test, but reassuring in case you’d like to offer your seat to a sasquatch. It also has adjustable armrests with some strategic padding for your hands, and a cup holder.

2. Bravo’s Quik Shade Sports Camping Chair

Top 10 Bring-Anywhere Camping Chairs for the Park, Beach and Campsite
Specially and beautifully designed with an adjustable sun-shade, which can be tilted, lowered and raised to protect you from sunlight at all angles, hence providing you with day-long sun blocking, this innovative camping chair has all the right features that prove to be extremely comfy and handy while at camp. Having a 24” seat constructed out of 600D material, which is stain-proof, water-proof and long-lasting, the chair can easily accommodate persons weighing up to 225 lbs. In-built dual cup holders are also integrated with the model, whose dimensions measure 30” x 34” x 49”, making it a capacious and cosy camp accessory.

3. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Top 10 Bring-Anywhere Camping Chairs for the Park, Beach and Campsite
Let the name be your guide: the King Kong Chair is for campers who shop in the big and tall department. The durable fabric and steel frame make this easy-open quad chair good for up to 800 pounds—a fact that’s guaranteed by ALPS Mountaineering, and vouched for by many happy reviewers. At 13 pounds, the King Kong is also the heaviest chair on our list, but at least its carry bag has two straps for carrying like a backpack. Padding, two cupholders and hanging pockets make it a great buy for those interested in comfort and convenience.

4. Sport-Brella’s Recliner Camp Chair

Featuring a uniquely-made 3-way swivel umbrella with 360° rotation and metallic undercoating, for UPF 50+ effective sun protection, this state-of-the-art model from Sport-Brella is a good catch. The key highlights of this model include 3- reclining positions, quick-adjust hinges, 4-drink holding insulated pocket plus other additional compartments, bottle opener and cup holder. This chair weighs about 10 lbs. and possesses dimensions measuring 34” x 34” x 55”.

5. Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair, Black/Gray

It is by Picnic Time. Its black and gray colors are very attractive. This is good for picnic time, and is portable with padded seat and back rest. It ensures to give extra results, and has zippered pocket with matching storage tote.

It features a folding steel frame that can hold up to 300 pounds, a padded seat and back rest covered in durable 600D polyester canvas. Three seating positions add to this chair's functionality, along with the adjustable armrests, an insulated drink holder in the right armrest, a large zippered pocket on back of chair, and a matching storage tote with carrying strap. The Reclining Camp Chair is great as a spectator chair at sporting events or for outdoor activity such as lounging by the lake or beach, camping and fishing. Throw this chair in the back end of the car, so you are never without it!

6. Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

Quik Shade MAX Shade is a stylish navy-blue-themed camping chair that works as good as it looks. It is light, highly portable, and made of a durable 300x600D material that supports colossal weight while in use. The material is also scratch and tear-resistant, resists environmental elements such as UV and rainfall, and has a plush-finished outer surface that does not irritate the skin whilst relaxing bare-chested. Apart from its comfortable seat/ supportive back, Quik Shade MAX Shade is popular among many camping enthusiasts for its patented shade mechanism. It is large, offers greater coverage, and tilts and lowers easily for a custom resting experience. You also get a mesh side pouch for storing drinks and a foldable and easy-to-transport design.

7. KingCamp Moon Leisure Camping Chair

KingCamp Moon Leisure is a portable camping chair made of heavy-duty steel. It is durable, has a unique foldable design for easier transportation and storage, and a well-built 14-inch seat height that supports the body well for optimal comfort. Fully assembled, this chair supports approximately 250 pounds. The colored polyester fabric used to manufacture it is aesthetic, while the heavy-duty carrying bag that it comes with eases transportation to and from your camping site. It is also water resistant, distributes weight well to eliminate pressure points, and works well in all environmental conditions.

8. Alite Designs Mayfly Chair

Alite’s new Mayfly camping chair is a hybrid of its ultralight, two-legged Monarch—a recent favorite among backpackers—and the more stable, four-legged Mantis. Like those other two designs, the chair assembles like a tent, with a hammock-like sling attaching to an aluminum-pole frame. Also like them, it’s incredibly light and portable: it’s 1.4 pounds and packs down the size of a coffee can. However, with a detachable third leg it offers the best of both predecessors: in two-legged mode you can balance on slopes or uneven terrain, using your feet as the stabilizer; and on flat ground you can use the extra support and let your tired dogs relax.

9. Stansport Apex Double Arm Chair

Lots of and lots of comfort! It is a presentation of StanSport. It is two-person folding chair with durable, powder-coated steel frame. It's UV coated so the sun won't wear it down and fade it like the sun likes to do. For lots of comfort as you enjoy the fresh outdoors, the Apex has been outfitted with padded back and arms. You'll have adjustable arms with cup holders so that you and your chair-mate can both enjoy a cool beverage and there's an accessory bag so definitely bring along the trail mix. Whether tailgating, camping or kicking back and relaxing by the water, the Liberty Mountain Apex Double Camp Chair offers a quick and easy set up so you can get to enjoying the great outdoors.

10. Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair

You can’t bring your recliner to your campsite, but you can bring this chair. This sturdy steel-framed quad chair has three recline positions, adjustable armrests and plenty of padding. Completing the luxurious package are two adjustable cup holders—so you can have both water bottle and double IPA at the ready after a long day of hiking—and a bottle opener. Weighs 10 pounds and has a carry bag with strap.

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