Build Entire Body: Bowflex BodyTower Great Companion For Home Gym

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A Bowflex BodyTower is among the most useful home fitness equipment considering that we can work the entire body with the help of it. 

We can perform a wide variety of bodyweight exercises that are great for strengthening and building muscles. It can be the most beneficial pieces of equipment of your home gym.

The Body Tower allows you to do full-scale pull ups, chin ups, dips, push-ups and much more. In my experience, these are some of the most efficient exercises for building upper body strength.
Build Entire Body: Bowflex BodyTower Great Companion For Home Gym

The Bowflex name has always been a well respected in the fitness industry, and their primary focus has always been home gym equipment. Their products are durable, flexible in their utility, and deliver what they promise. In this Bowflex Body Tower review, I’d like to share my feelings about some of the tower’s features and why I think the Bowflex Body Tower may be the right choice for you.


This machine is made of heavy-duty steel and is very strong and durable. It has thick heavy steel tubing and a well-placed bracing which makes it solid and sturdy. It comes with 5 year limited warranty.
Build Entire Body: Bowflex BodyTower Great Companion For Home Gym

The BodyTower offers many exercises that usually would require additional attachments, and it is an especially good machine at working your core muscles. The straps and handlebars are a good, sturdy size, and the adjustments are easy to make on the machine.

This machine offers a plethora of exercise routines that focus on every part of the body. Pull-ups are extremely stable, and other exercises work the legs only using body resistance weight yielding astounding results. You also can perform hanging knee raises, thanks to the straps that come with the tower.

The cushion back pad is comfortable and made of non-absorbent foam. The sling straps are foam padded and handgrips are non-absorbent and resistant to bacteria.

Bowflex's tower stays stable, though, even when users are six feet or taller or weigh over 200 pounds.
It can be neatly placed in a corner so that it does not dominate your room. Another impressive feature is its compact design, while the height of the tower is appropriate for homes with low ceilings.

The Bowflex can be assembled in about an hour, and there is nothing complicated about learning to do the exercises on the machine.

This machine is affordable and offers great value for the money.


It might wobble a bit while doing dips and pull-ups. This can be overcome by adding a mat at the bottom of your machine for better stability and floor protection.

Build Entire Body: Bowflex BodyTower Great Companion For Home GymPeople who are taller than 6 feet 4 inches may not be able to use the home gym comfortably to perform certain exercises like dips and pull ups.

The pull-up bar is kind of thick in diameter compared to normal pull up bars which makes it difficult to get a good grip.

You cannot do dips facing the station without bumping your head on the pull-up bar. To solve this problem, face outwards while doing dips to avoid hitting your head against the pull-up bar.

Assembling it is easy, but if you need to move it around it might be difficult to get it apart.

Customer Reviews

I thought most of the customer reviews I read when researching the Bowflex Body Tower review were very positive. One guy was in the military and claimed to be a moderate workout warrior. He was a fan of Bowflex products which is why he chose the Bowflex Body Tower. His opinion rated the Body tower good to great.

Another guy said he was very demanding on his exercise equipment. He had been looking at freestanding body towers to get away from his doorway pull up bar. He was looking for something that allowed him to do pull ups, chin ups, and dips, but also to use as an anchor for TRX. His opinion rated the Body Tower as a piece of equipment that delivers.

Build Entire Body: Bowflex BodyTower Great Companion For Home Gym

"This is the second piece of equipment I have from Bowflex. As of earlier I have a Bowflex 3000 Home gym. In both cases I've experienced things that were broken on arrival, on the home gym I had a pulley that was bent and rod broke early on. On this, one of the grip was cracked and tore of at first use. The Bowflex customer support is awful so I'll probably end up fixing it myself. Back to the body Tower, it was fairly easy to put together, clear and easily to understand instructions. A good thing is to have you own set of tools then you have it installed in no time. It isn't super robust, but I'm 6'1", weigh 220 and can do dips, chin and pull-ups. If you grip the handle for the dips too far out, it starts to wobble a bit. 

When you do the Supine Row you initially get a sense that it will not hold, but it does. Another thing when you do the dips is that you get a bit of a feeling that you are crammed in and of course you need to bend you knees quite much. Over all I'm satisfied it is very versatile product and you can do a great deal of different exercises. I couldn't fit in a taller pull up construction in my house and I didn't want to go with a doorframe construction that's why I chose a stand alone one. 

If I could, I would have had one with the Pull up bar at a great height, now it feels little low. It also looks quite good if that is of importance but it is a good bang for the buck I think. You just need to be prepared for that a couple of things can be broken. Not the best quality but you don't pay top dollar as you have to for others.

Updating the review after 3 month. Im even more positive to it now. It is holding up very very well. I do chin up's and Dips with 45lb extra weight, ring row and knee rais without any problems what so ever. I don't have any problem with the wobbling I mentioned earlier. This is besides my bar/barbell my favorite equipment. I strongly recommend it and and want to change my earlier statement "you get what you pay for" to worth paying for." - North reviewed
Build Entire Body: Bowflex BodyTower Great Companion For Home Gym

Bowflex BodyTower Features

  • The Body Tower features several different stations, each one adjustable so you can mix up your level of effort in  your workouts
  • You can perform a wide variety of body weight exercises
  • Manufactured with quality steel for long lasting durability
  • Measures about 6’tall, a little over 4’wide and 4’ deep.
  • Total weight is 120lbs and anyone over 300lbs should avoid using this equipment.


After reading many of the reviews written by the users, the consensus seemed very favorable. Most users, even the ones who were somewhat skeptical at first, agreed that Bowflex has lived up to its reputation with the Body Tower and provided another great piece of functional exercise equipment. There were some minor complaints.

This tower has become highly popular because of its stability. Users also find it is useful for more than just simple chin-ups or pull-ups. This has a stylish, durable design that is suitable in the bedroom and living room, as well as a home gym setting.

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